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New age requirement for the Texas License to Carry - Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Law

License to Carry San Antonio Texas

License to carry San Antonio Texas is a most effective and great way of completing the LTC-101 course required by Texas DPS. The class takes about 4 hours total, can be done at your own pace anywhere you like on any device – so there’s no need for spending gas money to get to a class! Plus, once completed you can immediately print your certificate to give to Texas DPS.

Shooting Qualification

After successfully completing the course and printing your certificate, you must contact a local LTC instructor to schedule range time. You will have to complete a familiarization qualification.  If an active-duty military service member or veteran can document proof through Range Card etc. (within last 10 years), then they could submit those instead of doing the range portion.

Submit Documents

The Texas Department of Public Safety is pleased to provide you with an application for concealed carry. When all required materials have been submitted, your fingerprints will be taken and a background check completed in order that we may issue license as soon possible but no more than 120 days from date thereof unless extenuating circumstances exist which indicate why they should give longer waited times between applicants based off their own standards set forth within this process – please indicate if there are any such instances so I can properly plan accordingly!

New age requirement for the Texas License to Carry - Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Law

Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

What is needed to get your Concealed Carry License? (License to Carry San Antonio Texas)

In Texas, it’s legal for individuals to carry a concealed handgun if they have the license. To obtain an LTC in Texas one must complete an approved firearms safety course -which this online class does!

Our Mission & Vision

Here at License to carry San Antonio Texas, we’re all about promoting responsible gun ownership. That’s why our founder created this website to help Texans get the training they need in order for their concealed carry license.

100% Approved Course

We are proud to provide you with the highest quality training. Our courses have been approved by Texas Department of Public Safety, and all requirements were met in a timely manner!

Any Device 24/7/365 days a year

The convenience of our online course means that you can learn from anywhere with an internet connection! You will have access to the same content on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone as well.

Log in and Log Out

The course is designed with an interactive, self-paced training system that allows you to progress at your own pace. You can always know where in the course cycle you are and finish it when convenient for life's busy schedule!

Updated Information

It's important to stay on top of the latest legal developments. You can rely on us for course material that is up-to date with all changes in law and regulations!

Industry Professional

We've seen too many instructors teaching their own personal side hustles and not providing the quality you deserve. That's why we offer a course taught by one of our nationally recognized firearms & defensive tactics experts, who will make sure that your skills stay sharp while learning together in an interactive environment!

Support Team

Whether you need help with the course, or other training needs - our staff is here for your convenience! You can contact us by calling, emailing or using online form on this page. We will get back to as soon possible regarding any questions/concerns that may arise during implementation of our programs & services.

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Requirements for your Concealed Carry License in San AntonioTexas (License to Carry San Antonio Texas) are not complicated

License to carry San Antonio Texas, also known as Concealed Handgun License (CHL) classes, provide the training required to obtain a License to Carry in San Antonio Texas. The License to Carry is a permit that allows the carrying of a concealed handgun on the person. Licensees are also allowed to openly carry a holstered handgun. To qualify for a License to Carry, an applicant must be 21 years of age or older, have no disqualifying criminal history, and complete an approved firearms training course. Licensees must also pass a background check and fingerprinting through the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). San Antonio Texas License to Carry is valid for up to five years and can be renewed online.

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License to carry San Antonio Texas

Our Online License to carry San Antonio Texas is self-paced, taken anywhere, on any device, and a pass guarantee.

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This Online class meets all the requirements governed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Our class is 100% online and can be taken anywhere. Our class is self-paced and can be taken on any device; Desktop computer, Laptop, iPad, Samsung Tablet, Other tablets, iPhone, Samsung Phone, and any other device that connects to the internet.